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Saturday, October 5, 2013


ADAMOLOGY teaching on of his songs from his up and coming project titled, GOD FOUND ME!!

ADAMOLOGY the minister of music!!

ADMOLOGY serves as the new minister of music at the historical EPHESIAN COGIC in Berkeley California. The same church where Walter & Edwin Hawkins started, as he continues the music ministry legacy the Music Department under the leadership of ADAMOLOGY hosted a Family & Friends Music Ministry Night. The focus of this event was minister to families and support Godly friendships. This event was a great success!! Old member came to be apart, visitors & family members; this event has now sparked excitement & inspiration. (2013)

ADAMOLOGY plays for new artist K.Ross!

ADAMOLOGY the musician: Adamology is one of the premier musicians of Northern California, this summer (2013) Adam was asked to be apart of K.Ross's ( a new artist) band for the cd release project of K. Ross. In this presentation on the title cut "Outcast" in the second half of the show, Adam opened the song with an high church classical solo that lead into the song "Outcast". The Spirit took over the show and the artist had to stop the rest of the musical set due to the presences of God being so heavy in the building.  JAMES HALL from New York also was apart of this event where Adam played the organ from James Hall as well as put a background group together to back up James Hall for his selections. This event became the gospel event of the 2013 summer.

ADAMOLOGY the intellectual 2013

ADAMOLOGY is more than music, he's education and learned. Adam was ask to give a discourse on kingdom structure and being effective. This interview created an excitement of learning for listeners and the radio host as Adam gave a detailed biblical history of kingdom structure to set up the delineation of this currant era's kingdom structure; plus how to be effective in this era's kingdom stucture.